Once I had completed the acoustic treatment of the corners, the front of the room, side and cloud acoustic panels, the time came to complete the last part - the back wall treatment - placed on the wall behind your ears. I decide to solve this by the execution of one construction mounted directly to wall without the need to create a back side of the panel. Again the construction consist of three main parts:

  1. Sidewalls & Inner partitions (with cross holders)
  2. Insulation
  3. Front frame

backwall panel design

Sidewalls & Inner partitions (with cross holders)

For side walls and inner partitions were used the same slats that I used for other acoustic panels. These slats are commonly used as wood paneling for walls and because they are thin, light and cheap it was my choice for all acoustic panels made for the project. Of course it's not a condition, there is no problem to use any other boards with appropriate dimensions. Design is simple and very easily can be modified. Slats are just 100mm deep and used insulation is 180mm thick so I joined together two pieces to get enough depth. Created bar have been attached to the wall by angle brackets - side part from inner side and partitions from both.

backwall panel partitions holders design


backwall panel bar attachment

backwall panel partitions holders

Cross holders

Cross holders have two functions. First of all they reinforce the bars and help to keep them together. Secondly they hold the insulation on the right place. Holders are simply attached to the bars from the side by screws for wood 3,5x45mm.

backwall panel holders design

backwall panel cross holder


As it's in the case of all other parts of my home studio acoustic treatment, insulation for this back wall acoustic panel is Nobasil MPE. In this case the dimensions of the one Nobasil panel are 1000x600x180. Because height of my room is 2440mm, last panel in each column was cut to 440mm at height in order to fit to the prepared construction of bars with crossholders. One Nobasil panel have 1000mm height so I needed two in the whole and one cut to mentioned 440mm at height (one in each column).

backwall panel insulation design

backwall panel insulation

Front frame

The same dimensions slats as for cross holders are also used for the front frame. Made construction is covered by breathable fabric (black). For the frame construction was used the same proceed and material as for the bass traps front frame. Different shape and dimensions but used material and construction principle is exactly the same.

backwall panel front frame design

backwall panel front frame fabric

backwall panel finished