MIDI Controllers

A few years ago I found MIDI Fighter. MIDI controller with arcade buttons instead of traditional pads. Great idea. In the beginning, it was a DIY solution and that was also my inspiration. Arcade buttons are perfect for finger drumming or, in my case, for Cue Points control (with multi-coloured LEDs it's a perfect solution) in any DJ software (like NI TRAKTOR or Mixxx). Great idea of how to extend my DJ setup.

DIY DJ Deck MIDI controller

After my first attempt at DIY  with the conversion of an old DJ mixer to a USB MIDI controller I realised that it would be great to create and have a complete DIY setup. DJ USB MIDI Mixer was complete I had to focus on how to control of the virtual DJ decks in TRAKTOR (or whatever DJ software you use like SERATO or MIXXX), that's how I started the journey of my own DIY DJ Deck MIDI controller.

Stanton RM 3S - old analog DJ mixer conversion to USB MIDI connection

I had an old Stanton RM-3S analog mixer in my basement unused for few years, so I decide to do something with it. Because times have changed, I already use a setup with two turntables (an old Vestax PDX2000) and a MIDI mixer so I decided to modify it to the actual needs - convert it to a USB MIDI mixer, usable with DJ software like TRAKTOR..