The front wall of my room (behind the speakers) contains the window, so I had to resolve the acoustic treatment of this section of the room by stand-alone solutions. I decide to make acoustic panels from an acoustic absorbing panels, placed in to a wooden frame standing on simple legs made by few wooden laths. On the front and back side, I covered the acoustic material by breathable fabric (pinned on the light wooden frame). Since panels are relatively thick and are situated about 30 cm from the front wall, they can also absorb also part of the low frequencies range. This contributes to better room acoustic response (less distortion) on the bass sounds so it also has the function of bass trap.


  1. Panels of acoustically absorptive material
  2. Side frame
  3. Front frame
  4. Back frame
  5. Chicken legs

DIY stand alone acoustic panels and bass trap

Insulation panels

Material used for panels are the same as in the case of side wall acoustic panels, but with bigger thickness (Nobasil NPM panel of 600x1000 dimensions with 200mm thickness).

Side frame

Side frame has similar construction as it's in the case of acoustic panels determine for side walls and cloud position. Basically side frame of one stand alone acoustic panel is made up by the same construction but used twice and joined together by straight steel joint items.

DIY stand alone acoutic panel (bass trap) - the frame in progress

Corners have been treated by wood putty and sanded. After that stained and optionally you can put on some layer of wood varnish to get better looking wood piece.

DIY stand alone acoustic panel (bass trap) - the frame in progress - second

Front frame

Front frame has the same construction as front frame of the one acoustic absortive panel for flexible usage. Front panel is attached to the side frame by 90° angle brackets before insulation is inserted. Sorry about the picture quality but at the time I had no other option than use my cellphone under poor lighting conditions.

DIY stand alone acoutic panel (bass trap) - front frame in progress

Back frame

For the back frame was first idea to use the same solution as it's in front frame case, but.. because front panel is fitted to the side frame by inner joints I had to use another solution in order to be able to mount the back frame to the side frame after insulation would be inserted. So I decide to use similar construction as it's in the case of front panels for corner bass traps. I have created smaller version of the frame and screwed them to the side frame from back side.

DIY stand alone acoutic panel (bass trap) - front frame in progress - second

Chicken legs

At the end I made simple legs from the same laths as was used for front frame and piece of wooden prism of 50x50 size. Few screws for the wood and it's done.

 DIY Home studio legs design for stand alone panel (bass trap)